Paint colors that will make any room look bigger

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Think beyond just white…

Short of knocking down walls, we are all limited in the space we can create in our homes. Did you know that paint colors you choose, however, can trick the eye to make your home appear larger?
Sometimes we’re simply hemmed in by the architecture of our home and the way we live within its walls.
Along with cutting the clutter to keep visual lines uninterrupted, choosing wall colors that are lighter in color however goes a long way towards expanding your room visually and making your spaces feel less cramped.

“Light and bright colors make a space more reflective, maximizing any natural light in the room, while bright colors also have the ability to create the illusion of a larger space,” interior designer Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 told Well+Good. “When using light and bright hues, paint trim and doors a fresh bright white to keep the walls from closing in visually, which keeps the room feeling larger.”
Of course, painting a room is the quickest and most economical of effecting a complete makeover – all you need are the tips and tricks to getting it right. Consider these colors to instantly make your room appear larger:

Warmer greys with a transition into ‘greige’ continue to feature in interior spaces and keep spaces light and bright without the cool sensation of more traditional greys.
This small bathroom takes tiling right to the ceiling, drawing the eye upwards to make maximum use of the space.

As calm as the sea, aqua is the perfect color to recede into the background like waves, without dominating the space.
Paired with light color timbers and natural textures in soft furnishings, add the occasional highlights of bolder colors or metallics in a cushion or lamp.

Adding touches of pink gives warmth, without coming on too strong – particularly in the on-trend Millennial Pink shades that seem here to stay.
Rather than painting a whole wall or room, simply highlight architectural features as seen here, which add interest and work well with the white base.

Black and white is a chic look in any style of interior – from crisp modern to classical period architecture-dominated spaces. Adding details and accessories black lends a contemporary edge and punctuates a room with style, rather than it closing in. Use matte black for patina, high gloss, glass, or ceramic for a bit of glam.

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