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    Home Desk Wholesale


    The home desk table is spacious and convenient for home office use. It comes with removable drawers that provide adequate storage for your files and document.


    It is uniquely designed to serve different purposes. So whether it’s for study, work or to enjoy games with friends and family, the home desk table can be put to good use.

    Modern and Stylish Design

    The home desk table is beautifully designed to blend and complement your existing home décor. The crossed slats on both sides of the base add a touch of sophistication to your home appearance.

    Adequate for Large Spaces

    The office desk wholesale is ideal for large spaces and has ample space for different activities. With a detailed woodworking design around the shelves, your home looks more welcoming. It measures 150x55x78cm.

    Ecofriendly Desk

    It is manufactured from solid oak and birch timbers carefully selected and sanded to suit modern use. The wood is also eco-friendly and safe for everyone.

    Makkelijk schoon te maken

    Every piece of furniture requires proper care and maintenance to last long. We have made the home desk table easy to clean and maintain. Use a soft dry cloth to clean your table gently. Also, keep your home desk away from direct sunlight as the heat can affect the wood.

    Manufacturer’s Guide

    The home desk table is easy to assemble. You can find an instruction guide and other necessary tools in the pack.

    Excellent Customer Care

    We are a professional wood furniture wholesale manufacturer that places the customer’s interest above everything else. You can buy with confidence without worrying about your package getting damaged. We have a team of customer care support to attend to your orders within a short period. Please fill out the contact form for more information.

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