Dining In Style

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Whether for lazy days or dining with friends, make spending time at home deliciously decadent with stylish furniture and accessories.
Our house, both large and small, has never been more important as somewhere to savor and delight in as well as to unwind, relax and spend time alone or as a family.
Here’s how to make the most of this seasonal pleasure.

Dining in style
With just a few thoughtful touches, eating can be transformed from the humdrum into a memorable occasion – whether for a couple or an entire family.
Make a lunchtime feast or impromptu supper feel more luxurious by dressing the table with a striking linen tablecloth and napkins, such as those from Summerill & Bishop, to create a sumptuous tablespace. Consider, too, using a favorite length of fabric or a throw as a makeshift tablecloth or runner. Team these textiles with cushions to soften hard seats so diners will be comfortable and therefore take their time and sit back after a delicious meal.

The table might be surrounded by greenery and flowers, displaying blooms in vases, also can be dressed, add to the sense of occasion.
Place candles in candelabra, lanterns, or simply jam jars to add a twinkling, atmospheric light at twilight, or hang pendant shades – metal ones are particularly good outdoors – fitted with a battery or solar-powered outdoor bulb. Other decorations including tissue-paper pompoms or fans and bunting will add a jaunty touch.

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