Bedside Tables

White Hamptons Bedside Table

Simple Stylish Design

Made from oak and birch, the white Hamptons bedside table features a simple yet stylish design. It is crafted with care and hand-finished giving it a unique look. It is an idea for the living room, entryway, or a nightstand by your bed.

Elegant Handle

The nightstand factory uses state-of-the-art accessories to increase the aesthetic value of your bedside table. The elegant handle of the table blends with any interior design and adds a touch of warmth to your space.

Sturdy and Durable

The X brace design used by the nightstand factory guarantees a sturdier and more durable bedside table. You don’t have to worry about placing a lamp or other decorative pieces since the table is built to withstand the weight.

Versatile Table

Featuring a drawer and shelf, it can double as a storage space using the drawer to conceal items you don’t want to display and the shelf to display decorative items.

Easy Installation

We have simplified the installation process by ensuring this product is shipped with the necessary assembly tools. We also include an easy-to-read manual for easy setup.

Easy to Clean

One cool feature of the bedside table is easy to clean. Wipe with a soft dry cloth and keep away from direct sunlight. This will protect the wood finish and increase the lifespan of your bedside table.

Packaging and Shipment

The white Hamptons bedside table is wrapped in non-woven fabric or bubble wraps and carefully placed in carbon boxes. This guarantees the safe arrival of your product without any damage. We accept customized orders and can deliver to any part of the world.

Customer Support

We understand the importance of on-time delivery and ensure we respond to customers’ inquiries quickly. We can customize your order according to your preference Contact us now for more information.


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