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    Antique Side Table

    The antique side table is a unique accent table that can introduce the remarkable 19th-century feel into your living space. Antique tables are worth your money because they are built to last for many years. That is what makes them antique. You will love these cute and unique tables, especially when you can effortlessly blend them into your home interior decor.

    For everyone thinking about what you can put on an antique table and its uses, the truth is that you can do so many things with this antique furniture. In many ways, the antique table is similar to a console table.

    It is a piece of furniture that can double as a coffee table. You can put your coffee mugs and snack trays on the table. Also, you can arrange art deco on your antique table. You can also place beautiful family pictures on your antique table. These tables easily blend with different furniture styles because of their versatility.

    How to Know if a Table is Antique

    You may have seen people labeling dining tables as antique. This is not entirely correct. These pieces of furniture are perfect for indoor spaces, such as living rooms or hotel living areas. However, you can identify particular features that indicate the products are mid-century modern side tables.

    Check the Structure

    First, you should look at the structure of your antique table. Many antique tables are made from one or different types of wood. This makes them unique because not everyone has the skill to craft unique pieces.

    However, the mixture of wood and other pieces to build the table does not mean the product will have a slight wobble. So, antique tables have a unique blend of wood types in their structure.

    Check the Symmetry

    If you know one or two things about wood symmetry, you will be able to know if the table is antique. While this process requires skill and awareness, you should plan to read more about the process online.

    Check for Manufacturer’s Stamps

    In the old days, furniture makers used stamps to mark production dates and batches. You can find the stamps on the leg table if it is a kitchen table. On antique accent tables, you will find stamps beneath the tabletop. You can confirm the production dates for your antique table by checking this information.

    Shapes and Patterns

    Any antique side table will have a unique shape and pattern. These are the beautiful features that set these products apart from others. If you know what to look for, you can quickly identify the designs proving the antique items are original.

    Also, these antique items have different business brands. When you have proof it is an original piece, you can confidently make your purchase.

    However, regardless of the purchase price for any antique side table, you can always contact reputable manufacturers and business brands like us and expect the best deals.

    Antique Side Tables Features

    When buying a large selection of antique side tables in bulk, you should consider many factors like the original finish, rustic finish, item ships freight, and powder coating finish, among other things. Here are the standard antique side tables you can find on sale and their features:

    Tilt Antique Side Tables

    These are the most common antique tables in the accent furniture category, introduced in the 19th century. The name indicates you can tilt the table to suit your needs. The tilt side table is easy to maintain; therefore, you get them in excellent condition after the delivery.

    The sturdy legs of these tables make them a favorite because you have no worries about legs breaking or cracking. Also, the tabletop surface is excellent if you continually keep it polished. In its original condition, the tilt table has several use cases.

    You can find different designs to get variety when building your interior decor for residential homes or commercial places. You can use them as a tea table or display pictures. The tables can also accommodate beautiful antique flower vases. The rustic finish on these tables is always exceptional.

    Pedestal Tables

    These antique tables are excellent for people who need antique items with an original finish and a rounded tabletop design. The best way to identify the pedestal table date is by looking at the dovetails.

    These are among the best multipurpose antique side tables you can find online at the best purchase price. These features make the tables durable and beautiful because the original finish is awesome.

    Also, you can find and purchase them in confidence because these antique tables are easy to maintain. If you are confused about maintenance tips, you can find information online.

    Drum Antique Table

    This is a unique antique side table sold by many business brands. You can purchase confidently because it is easy to identify the antique data for these products. The original finish has been specially done to make these antique items easy to spot on the market.

    Also, you can find drum antique tables with inner cabinets that provide extra storage space, which is convenient. In their original condition, the tables are durable, with a reinforced base and sturdy legs. Also, keeping this table clean is easy because you can wipe them down with a moist cloth.

    Pembroke Antique Tables

    These outstanding antique tables have unique legs and a peculiar tabletop shape. These wooden tables come in different wood shades and are in beautiful condition. The original finish for these products is impressive and adheres to the best shipping times for all orders.

    They have similar durability features like the piecrust tables and occasional end tables. Also, you can find copies of the newly-made side tables with table ornate when you want them in bulk.

    To get a beautiful table, you should find manufacturers specializing in antique reproduction, like our business brands.

    If you are interested in buying antique side tables in bulk, send us a customer contact form instead of scouting several retail outlets on the streets. We will reply and support you to get beautiful antique items from the 18th century or later that can accommodate decorative vases.

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