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    Wooden Table Factory

    At Hoolnn, we believe that each piece of furniture is a unique individual. Our tables are made with the finest wood and quality artistry. These items of furniture are designed to give every customer the comfort, relish and luxury of timeless and sophisticated European finesse.

    Each table is handmade and hand-finished in a quality detail that puts you right within a customized coastal Hampton style. Some of our products have been recreated from recycled wood such as the classic D1680-200, an antique vintage that keeps the family together for years to come.

    Our tables bring the right merger between traditional style and modern ingenuity.

    Wooden Table Manufacturing

    We make use of oak wood for the wooden tables. Oak is known for its strength and easy workability. The journey to the production of a single unique table begins with the selection process. Planks are handpicked in line with recognized industry standards and sent to workstations.

    Once there, we use specialized equipment for a seamless workflow and a genius finish. Our experienced engineers and craftsmen go into action; selecting different pieces of solid wood and merging them together to produce a unique quality masterpiece; one without a duplicate.

    Solid wood tabletop

    Besides oak, we use other strong woods such as birch, elm and pine to create elegant, unique tables with magnificent details. Whether you’re looking for furniture for your cafe or your home, you are sure of long-lasting, durable tabletops.

    Our tables are incredibly versatile and can switch from an informal family kitchen table to a formal setting. The magic lies in the chairs you choose to pair them with.

    Strong base for a solid tabletop

    Stability is key in these designs and we ensure that the sturdy tabletop has corresponding stable yet artistic base support. From baluster shape trestle legs to gracefully curved cabriole legs; from sculptural tripod bases to tapering fluted columnar legs.

    We design each base not just for style’s sake, but also for functional stability. Your dining room can now come to life with the right types of tables that express your style. We can guarantee zero wobbles or creak of your furniture.

    Low-maintenance minimalist

    Low maintenance is a key factor that finds expression in each table both in design, material and in finish. Our minimalistic styles make your room look spacy and special.

    Beauty in diversity

    We recognise that customers’ tastes, preferences and needs differ. This is why we have an array of tables to meet various use, style and occasion. Whether speculated for use in the dining or a restaurant, there is a gallery of quality tables at your disposal.

    The D1636 for example is ideal for small spaces but can be extended to accommodate a few surprise guests. Whereas the D1646-350 8-legged vintage extendable spans an incredible 350cm and can also be condensed to 120cm in length.


    We contribute our quote to a sustainable environment by making use of wood materials that are easily grown and maintained as finished products.

    Original wood grain retained

    Our tables come in varied grains, finishes and colours. To reflect the beauty of the original grain of wood, our woods are only lightly sanded. This technique is the birthplace of some splendid tabletops such as the T159-220, a parquetry top dining table.


    Dedicated to the service of our customers, we offer the best qualities there are in the market. Choose your preferred style, dimension and colour, and we’ll have it delivered to you in no time.

    Make an order

    Choose from our breathtaking gallery. Can’t find a table that ticks all your boxes? Get in touch with us with your preferences and we will walk with you throughout the making process.

    Visit our product page gallery to get more information on other home furniture available.


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