Tips for Choosing Safe Spray Paint for Your Baby Crib

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Having a newborn can be an exciting feeling for many parents. If you are a first-time parent, feelings of happiness can be mixed with uncertainties. You may struggle with different options, from setting up your baby’s nursery, choosing safe spray paint for your baby crib, and shopping for your baby’s first wears.

What’s important to keep in mind is that your baby’s safety is paramount. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your choices are safe and healthy for your newborn. So, for instance, while choosing a spray paint for your child’s crib, you must ensure the paint is non-toxic and meets other safety requirements.

This post will highlight some tips for choosing safe spray paint for your baby’s crib and how to apply the spray paint.

How to identify a safe spray paint for a baby crib


Non-toxic paint is safe and will not pose any health risks to your baby. Natural-based paint that is zero volatile organic compound is safe to use. You should also consider getting odorless spray paint. A baby might find a strong smell of paint too much and get uncomfortable in the crib. Also, paint that doesn’t require a primer is better since it contains fewer chemicals.


A safe paint is also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic properties are also beneficial if your child suffers from respiratory issues. Your newborn will be less fussy and sleep better.

Wide Coverage

Safe spray paint for baby cribs also allows wider coverage. So, the paint goes a long way and is long-lasting. This way, you avoid the time and hassle of applying several rounds of spray and spending more money.

Quick Dry

It is always best to go for a paint with less dry time. So, before making a purchase, ensure you check how long it takes to dry.

Certified Paints

There are manufacturing agencies that ensure health standards are followed. While searching for spray paint, consider using one that is certified safe for children’s cribs.

Painting Guidelines

  • If your baby’s crib has been painted before, it’s essential to sand the original paint in a well-ventilated place until smooth.
  • You can take extra precautions by wearing breathing protection.
  • Ensure the existing paint is lead-free and non-toxic.
  • Avoid spraying or painting over the crib’s safety parts, such as the screws and latches. Before spraying your baby’s crib, you can carefully remove them and replace them afterward.
  • Place your crib in a well-ventilated area and give it enough time to dry.

How to Spray Paint a Baby’s Cot

It can be financially overwhelming to prepare for a newborn. So, if you are thinking of revamping an old baby cot, you are not alone. With quality spray paint, you can have your baby’s crib looking brand new again.

However, it’s vital to follow a few instructions when applying the paint. This will ensure the paint is applied smoothly. Our product is suitable for everyone. It removes mold, rust stains, and grime and gives the crib a new look.

1.Removing layers of old paint or varnish is essential for previously painted or varnished wood. It is also a safety precautionary measure to ensure you remove old paint or varnish that contains lead. You can use a coating removal for wood.

2.It is recommended to take the crib apart so you can effectively spray paint without missing any part.

3.Before you begin painting, you should place a dropcloth on the floor to prevent paint from getting to the other part of the floor. You can also work outdoors to avoid creating a mess inside.

4.With 180-grit sandpaper, perform a light sanding. For areas with dents or chips, you need 80-120 grit sandpaper to smoothen the roughness before using the 180 grit.

5.Thoroughly wipe every area with a damp cloth to remove dust before you commence painting.

It is always best to paint unassembled parts, but if it is not possible, go ahead and apply a suitable primer before applying the topcoat. Using a primer promotes a proper bond between the topcoat and the surface, thereby preventing future chipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Spray Paint a Crib?

You have nothing to worry about when you choose safe spray paint for the baby crib. Generally, the safest paints for cribs are water-based paints. It is non-toxic and contains Zero-VOC. Also, find a paint that contains no lead. Paints containing VOCs can have a negative impact on your baby’s health.

VOCs slowly discharge once dry and can harm your baby’s lungs. Harmful substances can also cause skin irritation, cough, or damage to internal organs. They are also not eco-friendly and should be avoided in the home.

Are oil-based stain-blocking primers safe for painting the baby’s crib?

Oil-based primers are unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. They emit high VOCs that can affect your child’s health. If you must use primers, look for a safer alternative.

Do I Need any Experience to Paint the Crib?

DIY projects can be fun, and painting a crib is no exception. It is not a tedious job and can be done alone or with your partner. Simply follow the guidelines above to get a great result.

Create a Safe Space for your Baby

On the journey to finding the right paint, you must also consider the aesthetics. The good news is that we manufacture safe spray paint for baby cribs in various colors. Our spray paint is safe to use indoors and dries within the hour.

Preparing for a newborn can be exciting. And if you make the right choices, you can get rid of the anxiety and worry that may arise. We manufacture high-quality spray paints that are eco-friendly and safe for your child. Use the spray paint to make your baby’s crib a safe haven. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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